Van Pelt Localization offers a wide variety of professional language services.


Van Pelt Localization mainly translates from English into Dutch, the native language. However, it is possible to have your text translated from Dutch into English on request.


In addition, Van Pelt Localization performs reviews of your translations. The revision is an important part of the translation process, during which the translation is re-read and checked as a whole: are we sure the core message of the original text has not been lost in translation? 


Any errors will be removed, and content readability verified. If multiple translators were employed, proofreading their work is essential. Van Pelt Localization makes sure there is consistency in terminology and style throughout the text.

Machine Translations

If you are working with machine translations, you have come to the right place. Van Pelt Localization provides post-editing of your pre-translated content or its subsequent spot check.

Memory Management

Management of translation memories (TMs) and glossaries/termbases is also possible.


Do you need a second opinion about your text in English or Dutch? Van Pelt Localization will thoroughly check your general terms and conditions, important assignment or website for you.


Additionally, you can engage Van Pelt Localization to perform quality checks on translations following the DTP process, the so-called Linguistic Sign-Off or Linguistic Quality Assurance. 


Is all the text on your product packaging displayed clearly and completely? Does your website use the right tone of voice for your target audience? Is the mobile version easy to read for your end users? Are there any comments in your brochure that could be regarded as being offensive to your target market? 


Van Pelt Localization catches any instances of cut-off or overlapping text, but also looks at the bigger picture: is it coherent?


You can also contact Van Pelt Localization if you want your software tested. Proper text display is a key aspect of this localization step. You can provide a test case to work with, as well as screenshots in English and Dutch for comparison purposes.


Van Pelt Localization creates audio transcripts and provides subtitles to accompany videos, but also attends studio recordings (remotely) and verifies audio files based on intonation, pronunciation and speed.

More information

Please do not hesitate to contact Van Pelt Localization for any questions or a free, no-obligation quote.

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