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Van Pelt Localization translates your text from English into Dutch—from apps to manuals, surveys and websites. Other activities comprise general language services and quality control of your content, including software testing.


The name of the company reveals its specialization: Localization, particularly of games and other software. Van Pelt Localization converts your message into the right language and makes sure your text is suitable for the intended audience and the target market. 


I am a professional translator with years of experience in the localization industry and in international working environments, an expert in my field and on other languages and cultures. Additionally, I am absolutely passionate about games. For me this is the perfect combination of recreation and work.


"Paul is uiterst professioneel en nauwkeurig als editor. Hij doet onderzoek naar de geschreven content, adviseert en geeft tips om je eigen schrijfstijl en kennis te verbeteren. Door zijn oog voor detail is Paul zeker een aanrader."


Jean Kieven, writer

It is an absolute breeze working with Paul: he is friendly, good communicator, always replies in a timely manner and follows instructions very closely. It is great to have him on the team!



Daniel Borbas, Localization Program Manager at Globalme

"I first met Paul when we were LQA testers and we've been following pretty similar XP paths ever since.


He's a dedicated professional with solid methodology, an eye for detail and an extensive experience with video game localization.


As a project manager, I know I can count on him to deliver high quality translations on time. It goes without saying that I highly recommend him."


Damien Yoccoz, Founder and Localization wizard at Level Up Translation

Paul joined us in April 2018 and little by little he has become one of our most trusted Dutch reviewers. He works extensively across multiple projects at Globlame. Paul is a seasoned professional in the localization industry, with over ten years of experience in translation and testing services. We are so happy to have him on board. Here's to many more years of collaboration!


Analu Martinez, Project Manager at Globalme

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Please do not hesitate to contact Van Pelt Localization for any questions or a free, no-obligation quote.

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